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Personal desk with 24/7 access

1 dedicated desk available







We are offering different solutions to fit your needs

Dedicated desk 24/7

Get a monthly membership to have your own personal desk. No need to work on a small laptop screen anymore.
We only have 15 of those!

47.000Ft/month + VAT (59.690Ft with VAT)
all the services below are included!

Daily coworking space

Passing by for a day or 2, need a nice working place downtown to concentrate, this is made for you

5.500Ft/day + VAT
(6.985Ft with VAT)
all the services below are included!

Personal office 24/7

Need your own room with a personal key, our room containing up to 6 workstations will be perfect for you

220.000Ft/month + VAT
(279.400Ft with VAT)
all the services below are included!
The room contains up to 6 workstations.


You get it all!

Access 24/7

Thanks to your smartphone, you can access your workstation anytime you want, day or night, week days or weekends.

Your own space

We believe that to work efficiently, you might need to bring some personal belongings. Therefore, only you will use the desk, you can leave your monitor or anything you want

Sound checked

We are in a small space, but we worked hard to bring the best materials to soundproof the environment as much as possible. From the floor with a special carpet, to the ceiling with acoustic pads

High tech security

It's a small community so there is no concierge service, but we equipped our coworking spaces with the highest security hardware: Smart & high efficiency locks, permanently recording cameras and volumetric detectors are there to protect your belongings.





Unlimited access to the networked laser printer

1Gbps Fibre broadband high speed internet

The office is equipped with the latest AC WIFI router technology (Google Wifi)  coupled with a super high speed internet connection


Want to bring your own food, relax on a sofa or take a shower? 
Everything is available to you

Competitive price

We have one of the best prices on the market with equivalent services. We are small, but damn competitive

Not mentioning the feeling to belong to a small community, we are organizing Afterworks every Thursdays at the biggest Kert of Budapest

The neighborhood

We chose to have our coworking office in the heart of Budapest, in the most vibrant district, between Dob utca and Wesselényi utca.

At walking distance, you have access to the Deák tér or Astoria hubs, go get a few drink in the trendy Gozsdu passage, or eat a daily menu in the most iconic restaurants...



by phone or online

Visits by appointment only

Wesselényi utca 8

1077, Budapest, Hungary

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